Brad Wilson is currently represented by The Upstairs Gallery, a collective of local artisans. The Gallery is at 29140 S. Highway 1, Gualala, CA 95445

Stay tuned for an upcoming workshop at the Gualala Arts Center in December when Brad will be teaching the methods of printing on Gelli Plates. Brad has a BFA in printmaking, 1978 from Sonoma State University. Go to for more information or email Brad Wilson.

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Brad Wilson

designer of interior solutions

What Clients Say About Us

Purchased your Monterey Cypress coffee table on red coasters from The Gardner in Berkeley about 2weeks ago....await delivery to Lakewood Oh. Awesome piece, love having a bit of CA in my home since my kids live there. You should produce more of these....I was told someone wanted to buy my piece the next day!‚Äč


Jill O'Brien



A recent botanical mono print created by Brad Wilson. Available on Etsy under Ecotables. 


Brad Wilson is artist sculptor, designer, and furniture maker. He comes from a background of fine arts by way of an MFA from Otis Art Institute 1983. 

This cypress bench is 11.75" wide, 48" long, and 18" tall. It's made from reclaimed Monterey Cypress and steel. The spar varnish  semi-gloss finish makes it suitable for outdoors. $650 plus shipping or delivery.